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Planetarium Show

God, Science, and Our Search for Meaning

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Since the dawn of humanity, we have looked up to the skies in search of meaning. Even today, the mysteries of the cosmos inspire many of our most profound questions: Who are we? Why are we here?  How did all of this come to be? Humans have long sought answers to these big questions through the lenses of religion and science —two very different languages attempting to tell the same story.

God, Science, and Our Search for Meaning is a one-of-a-kind Planetarium show that explores humankind’s oldest questions, offers exciting new possibilities, and unveils the startling interplay between science and religion as they both strive to illuminate our deepest mysteries.

Written and narrated by international bestselling author Dan Brown and produced by the Museum of Science, Boston.

This program made possible thanks to generous support from the Charles Hayden Foundation.

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Charles Hayden Planetarium. Find on map


Approximately 45 minutes


Recommended for: Grades 3 – 12 and adults


  • Wheelchair Accessible