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Live Presentation

Meet a Scientist

Throughout the year, we host guests in a variety of STEM fields highlighting topics important to the Museum and our communities, bringing you science at the pace of change. This may include presentations related to climate change, mental health, or even the latest space news. Come learn what these scientists do, how they became interested in their fields of study, and how their work impacts the world. Bring your questions!

Upcoming talks:

Saturday, August 12 | 12:30pm
Lisa Barsotti, PhD, Massachusetts Institute of Technology | Detecting Gravitational Waves with LIGO
The Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory (LIGO) uses mirrors spaced four kilometers apart which are snesitive to movements smaller than the length of an atom. Learn how this unique facility lets us observe the most extreme events in the history of the universe, like black holes colliding with each other.

Saturday, August 19 | 2:30 pm
Michael Hecht, PhD, Massachusetts Institute of Technology | Making Oxygen on Mars
Meet the principal investigator of the MOXIE instrument aboard the Perseverance Mars rover. This experiment has been producing oxygen from the thin martian atmosphere for over two years, proving that astronauts who will one day visit the red planet won’t have to bring everything they need to survive with them from Earth.

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Gordon Current Science And Technology Center. Find on map


Approximately 20 minutes


Recommended for: Grades K – 12 and adults


  • Accessibility Varies
  • Wheelchair Accessible
  • Assistive Listening Devices Available At Information Desk
  • American Sign Language Interpretation Available Upon Request. Please request 2 weeks in advance.