About us

As science and technology increasingly shape our lives, the Museum of Science strives to equip and inspire everyone to use science for the global good. Among the world’s largest science centers and New England’s most attended cultural institution, we engage nearly five million people a year – at Science Park and in museums around the world, in classrooms, and online.

The Museum’s singular location connecting Boston and Cambridge puts us at the junction of some of the world’s most influential academic institutions and industries, local and state government, schools, and the public. Trusted by each sector, we are ideally positioned to convene, inspire, and create meaningful experiences for all.

What’s in Our DNA?

Our role in the world is public science learning. See what what drives us, what we aspire to, and who we are as we seek to make the world a better place through science.

Our Mission

To inspire a lifelong love of science in everyone.

Our Vision

A world where science belongs to each of us for the good of all of us.

Our Values

  • Everyone: We are everyone's Museum. We pursue equity and celebrate every person for who they are. We foster an inclusive environment in which we value and respect diversity.
  • Service: We serve our colleagues and community. We hold ourselves accountable to be a trustworthy public resource, and to support a sustainable, just, and evidence-based future.
  • Learning: We love learning. We are curious about the world and want to share our joy and wonder with others. We value open minds and recognize that everyone has more to explore, discover, and create.
  • Connection: We find strength in connections. We collaborate across communities, organizations, and disciplines to make science relevant and accessible to all.
  • Boldness: We dream big. We boldly push ourselves forward, pursuing new ideas and challenges. We experiment and learn from our failures as we seek to inspire purpose, spark imagination, and encourage hope.

Leading the Way

One of the world's largest science centers and New England's most highly attended cultural institution, the Museum of Science is ideally positioned to lead the nationwide effort to promote engineering education awareness, bringing science, technology, and mathematics alive through its exhibits, programs, and more.


The governing body of the Museum of Science prepares, publicizes, and is guided by the Museum's mission to play a leading role in transforming the nation's relationship with science and technology. Find out more about the Museum's president and trustees and museum advisors, or examine our annual reports and code of ethics.

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The Museum also collaborates with many organizations to educate the public about developments in science and engineering.

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Enterprise and Traveling Exhibits

The Museum hosts and develops traveling exhibits, collaborates on projects, and provides consulting and other services.

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William and Charlotte Bloomberg Science Education Center

Growing up in Medford, Massachusetts, Michael Bloomberg used to take a trolley, a subway, and a bus to the Museum of Science every Saturday morning. Of this decades-long relationship, Bloomberg says, "I know how important this Museum is and what an impact it can have on young people — because I was one of those young people."

Find out more about Michael's gift to the Museum in honor of his parents, William and Charlotte.

Washburn Award

This annual award is presented to an individual who has made an outstanding contribution toward public understanding and appreciation of science and the vital role it plays in our lives.

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Walker Prize

This annual prize is presented to a noted scientist, professor, or researcher who is a superb science communicator via the written word and is well known for superlative work in his or her field.

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Museum Archives

In 2017, Bloomberg Philanthropies generously provided funding for the first archives department in the Museum’s nearly 200-year history. The Archives traces the Museum’s development as the venerable Boston Society of Natural History to the multifaceted educational institution that the Museum of Science is today. By preserving these records, the Archives demonstrates the Museum’s historical, scientific, and cultural impact while providing inspiration for the future.

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WISE Initiative

The Women in Science and Engineering (WISE) initiative at the Museum of Science aims to serve as a catalyst of lifelong learning by encouraging girls to fill the STEM pipeline.

Stars of STEM

Funds raised through our longest running annual gala helps to broaden access to our engaging programs and immersive world class STEM experiences.

Environmental Sustainability

The Museum strives to be a leader in understanding the consequences of human actions on the Earth and uses that understanding to guide our decision-making, our educational products and services, and all our endeavors.

Help Us Be an Agent of Change!

Since 2003, the Museum of Science has advocated for the importance of science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) education. We believe in our ability to convene and inspire, and to empower everyone to see themselves in science and STEM.

This past year has brought into clear focus the need for a more science-engaged, and science-literate, society. The Museum continues to lead the charge in support of STEM education on a local, regional, and national scale. By leading the way, the Museum can be central to building a fully participatory science community and to solving problems centered on the community’s needs first and imagining action-oriented, inclusive solutions for the most exciting scientific challenges of our time.

Now, you can help us be an agent of change!

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Whether you’re interested in employment, an internship, or volunteering, you can contribute to the excitement of science, technology, and engineering education.

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