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Thursday, November 9 | 7:30 pm

New England Synth Fest

The Museum of Science teams up with New England Synth Fest for another incredible fusion of live synthesizer performances that take over the Charles Hayden Planetarium for one night only this fall! Experience some of New England best synth musicians and visualizers like never before in the immersive full dome environment of the Planetarium, featuring a brand new lineup of performers and synth vendors!

New England Synthesizer Festival is a loose-knit inclusive community of synthesizer hardware and music enthusiasts. Since 2004, they have been supporting exhibitions, meet-ups, performances, and education, and our interests include every technology, niche, and musical style related to synthesizers. Their events welcome performers, fans, builders, collectors, professionals, hobbyists, artists, and engineers, with experience from beginner to expert.

Produced by Kent Lundberg and the Museum of Science, Boston.

Planetarium line-up
Aether Chroma with visuals by Adam Savje
Snowbeasts with visuals by Vidumami
Hexx Head

Supported by a gift from an anonymous donor.

Public Event

Separate tickets required
Cost: $15

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Thursday, November 9 | 7:30 pm
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Recommended for: Visitors 18 years of age and older