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Exploring AI: Making the Invisible Visible

Permanent Exhibit

AI technology is all around us, whether you realize it or not!

The Museum’s newest exhibit, Exploring AI: Making the Invisible Visible, is your introduction to Artificial Intelligence (AI). Discover where AI technologies are being used, and learn how the choices humans make affect their impact. Watch a robotic dog use AI to remain upright as it navigates an uneven surface, learn how AI is changing day-to-day tasks at work and at home, and interact with an AI-generated artwork. You’ll also explore how the data we select to train AI systems can introduce unintended bias.

AI Technologies

Encounter dozens of examples of AI technologies through a collection of objects, images, and videos. Get up close to a full-scale model of a Mars rover on loan from NASA; peer into an AI-enhanced oven from June Life, a San-Francisco-based home automation company; and watch a robotic dog from Waltham, MA-based Boston Dynamics navigate an obstacle course several times an hour.

See how AI is being used in healthcare applications (analyzing ultrasound images, drug discovery); in transportation (car crash prediction, smart traffic lights, self-driving cars); in commerce (fraud detection, targeted advertising); in school (exam proctoring, automated grading); and in the natural world (weather prediction, spotting wildfires), among other topics. You can even interact with a custom-created artwork (powered by an AI algorithm) from Boston-based Masary Studios; and in two areas of the exhibit, you can explore how choices related to training data sets can create biased algorithms.

This exhibition reveals many of the ways AI is all around us!

Support provided by Toyota Research Institute, Patrick J. McGovern Foundation, BNY Mellon, and The Boston Foundation


Blue Wing, Level 1. Find on map


Recommended for: Grades K – adults

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