Scalable Nanomanufacturing with Ohio State University

About This Collaboration

The National Science Foundation is funding this four-year scalable nanomanufacturing research project headquartered at The Ohio State University in Columbus. The Museum is providing services in support of safe development of the new process, “Continuous, Large-Scale Nanocomposite Production Via Micellular Electrospray,” and aiding the team with communications, graduate student education, and outreach.

This is the Museum’s second collaboration with Professor Jessica O. Winter at Ohio State; it grew out of our work together on the QSTORM Biological Imaging Research collaboration. Dr. Winter and her collaborators are developing nanoscale probes incorporating quantum dots and magnetic nanoparticles that will be useful for biomedical imaging and diagnostics.

The project’s Principal Investigator is Jessica O. Winter, and includes Ohio State faculty members Barbara Wyslouzil and Lisa Hall as co-PIs, and Carol Lynn Alpert as Co-PI from the Museum of Science. The Museum’s team includes program manager Karine Thate and multimedia designer Jeanne Antill.

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Support provided by NSF CMMI-1344567, through a sub-award from The Ohio State University.

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