Living Lab and National Living Lab

About This Collaboration

Living Laboratory®

Living Laboratory is an innovative model for educating the public about current topics in child development and human health and behavior, with a focus on the science that’s happening in our own community. Museum visitors engage in one-on-one conversations with local scientists, participate in active research studies, and take part in hands-on activities based on the work of our research collaborators. Living Laboratory aims to create a relationship between the Museum of Science and our research partners that educates, encourages active lifelong learning, and furthers science through participation in scientific studies.

  • Lead Organization: Museum of Science, Boston
  • Collaborating Organizations: Harvard University, Boston University, Boston College, Tufts University, Children's Hospital Boston, Northeastern University, Mass Eye and Ear

To learn more, or to get involved, visit our website or email the project team at:

National Living Lab

The Museum of Science — with Harvard University as our partner — is extending, disseminating, and further evaluating our Living Lab model of collaboration for research and education around the science of child development. Funded by the National Science Foundation, the "National Living Lab" project will establish programs in the Living Lab model at three additional museums, each with a local university partner. Deliverables include hands-on child development activities for museums to use with caregivers, a program implementation toolkit, and professional development events for museum and research professionals.

  • Lead Organization: Museum of Science, Boston
  • Collaborating Organizations: Maryland Science Center, Johns Hopkins University, Madison Children's Museum, University of Wisconsin at Madison, Oregon Museum of Science & Industry, and Lewis & Clark College
  • Primary Investigator: Becki Kipling
  • Co-Primary Investigator: Marta Biarnes

To learn more, or to get involved, visit or email the project team at:

Support for Living Lab is provided by the Joan & Gary Bergstrom Endowment and the National Science Foundation (Kipling, #1113648; Kirshner, #0714706).