Jacy Bird Fluid Dynamics Lab at Boston University

About This Collaboration

Professor Jacy Bird participated in the Museum’s Science Communication Internship while a graduate student at Harvard, and, now, as head of the Interfacial Fluid Dynamics Laboratory at Boston University, he returns as our collaborator with this National Science Foundation CAREER award, “Transport properties and morphology associated with bursting-bubble induced jetting phenomena.” Dr. Bird will be studying the dynamics of aerosol droplet formation and distribution, and he will be working with the Museum’s Strategic Projects Group to design bubble science activities to engage parent-child pairs in exploration and discovery.

The Project’s Principal Investigator is James Bird, and the Museum team includes strategic projects director Carol Lynn Alpert, program manager Karine Thate and multimedia designer Jeanne Antill.

For inquiries: nano@mos.org. For more information on university research education outreach partnerships, email calpert@mos.org.

Support provided by NSF, Award # 1351466, through a contract with Boston University.

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