Navigating a World with AI

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is all around us, whether we know we're interacting with it or not. AI developers teach computer systems to recognize patterns and make predictions, helping humans tackle complex problems more efficiently. However, the approaches used to train these systems have often resulted in AI that mirrors human biases, raising questions about unchecked use of these technologies across all aspects of our lives. How can we ensure that our society creates and uses AI technologies in ways that are ethical, inclusive, and can benefit all people?

During 2022, the Museum of Science will host a series of school programs and public events, share a variety of digital educational materials, and open an exciting, interactive temporary exhibition that explores the personal, societal, and ethical dimensions of navigating a world embedded with AI technologies. Join us for these experiences, and learn more about the role that YOU can play in the future of AI.

Support provided by Toyota Research Institute, Patrick J. McGovern Foundation, BNY Mellon, and The Boston Foundation.

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