Motion: Speed, Velocity & Acceleration



  • Traveling Program
  • Offering Format: For school groups
  • Recommended for grades 6 – 8
  • 60 minutes
  • Capacity of 200 per session
  • 1 – 2 sessions per day
  • Requirements: Gym, auditorium, cafeteria, or other large, assembly-appropriate space. Reservation required.
  • Information and reservations: 617-589-0354 or

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Students learn to distinguish between speed, velocity, and acceleration while exploring the unexpected motion of everyday objects. Watch a pencil accelerate to over 100 mph in a fraction of a second, grasp the concept of gravitational acceleration with the help of crashing metal plates, knock a moving target out of the air using a powerful air cannon, and suggest ways to alter the design of a medieval siege engine.

Fee: $500 for 1 session, $350 for additional same-day sessions. Travel fees may apply.