Engineering MISSION Teacher Institute



  • Monday, August 11 – Friday, August 15 | 9:00 am – 3:30 pm
  • Offering Format: Professional Development Event
  • Recommended for grades 5 – 8
  • Locations throughout the Museum
  • Free; apply online


While science focuses on exploring the natural world, engineering and invention are human endeavors. Engineering requires innovation, teamwork, experimentation, and planning. A new Museum Planetarium show in development features unmanned space missions that highlight the extreme nature of space engineering. Meet a former astronaut and be among the first to see this new show, aimed at exciting middle school students about spacecraft engineering and the engineering process.

During this five-day teacher institute, engage in new and tried-and-true learning experiences while discussing curricular connections and classroom applications. Become familiar with the engineering design process while gaining awareness of engineering and the work of engineers. Additionally, we'll focus on four content themes: heat and energy transfer; gravity; engineering; and waves and their application in technologies for information transfer. Identify one of these themes in which you intend to build new content understandings and together, we'll explore how this content, as well as the practices of science and engineering, connects to the Next Generation Science Standards.

Applications have closed.

Participants for this institute were selected by a competitive application process. Participants will receive 30 Massachusetts PDPs and a stipend of $750 upon successful completion of the program and assessments. This institute is made possible through generous support from NASA grant number NNX12AL19G.

Photo © Michael Malyszko