Let's Talk About Sustainable Seafood


  • April 29, 2012
  • This event has passed.
  • Offering Format: Public Event, Forum
  • Cahners Theater
  • Free


Seafood is increasingly important to the human diet, but is the future of this protein source at risk? This free forum event, featuring a crash course in "Seafood 101," shares a number of informed perspectives on threats to fish stocks and to marine ecosystems in the context of the New England economy. As a participant, you'll engage with experts in various aspects of the seafood world, such as fishermen, retailers, environmental scientists, and more.

In small groups, consider and discuss the issue of sustainable seafood: the complexities and tradeoffs of potential solutions, the role of technology in the future of seafood, and the role we each play in finding the balance in an uncertain future.

Part of the Cambridge Science Festival. Presented in collaboration with the New England Aquarium's Sustainable Seafood Program, the Pew Charitable Trusts, the Chefs Collaborative, and the Harvard Center for Health and the Global Environment.

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