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High School Science Series

About the High School Science Series

Delve into the sciences with students through exciting lectures from scientists and researchers! Explore connections to curriculum through hands-on activities and events. Though activities in the Exhibit Halls will last from 9:30 am – 12:30 pm, these events are designed for a two-hour field trip experience.

High School Science Events:

The High School Science Series is supported in part by:

International Archaeology Day

Explore archaeology in Boston and beyond, and learn how scientists are using the most current technology to investigate the past.

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National Chemistry Week

Enjoy a stimulating talk in Cahners Theater and hands-on activities throughout the Museum. Learn about the chemistry of light and color!

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The Science Behind Pixar

Explore the new Pixar exhibition and discover how science, technology, engineering, and math are applied to create Pixar's award-winning films.

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So You Want to be an Astronaut

Students converse with an astronaut aboard the International Space Station and go behind the scenes of spacecraft engineering in the Planetarium.

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Climate Change in Boston

Students will learn the science behind climate change and discuss with peers how they can take action around this challenge.

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Mathematics, Robotics, Engineering, and Computer Science

Learn how STEM professionals use math every day by hearing from local scientists and participating in hands-on activities.

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Health Fair

Learn about the latest research from scientists, healthcare professionals, and hands-on activities.

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Building with Biology

Enjoy presentations, discussions, and hands-on activities around the fast-growing field that combines elements of biology and engineering.

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