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We need energy for our everyday lives — to power our buildings and personal devices, to transport goods, and to travel. Yet, the energy sources we've come to rely upon — such as oil, gas, and coal — will eventually run out.

Energized! focuses on sunlight, wind, moving water, and other self-replenishing sources that generate cleaner energy with fewer negative side effects. Hands-on interactives, models, videos, and other activities spark curiosity and understanding about renewable energy, innovative energy technologies, and today's complex energy choices.

Follow the path of energy from sunlight to rooftop panels to our Theater of Electricity, and learn more about our Wind Turbine Lab. Experiment with rooftop-like solar panels to energize a model solar house. Adjust a mirror array to focus sunlight on a "Solar Collector." Map a view of renewable energy installations around Massachusetts, and "Power Boston" by making your own energy choices.

Nearby, check out Catching the Wind and Energy Innovations, which further explore energy options and future energy solutions.

Photo © Nicolaus Czarnecki