Beyond the X-Ray



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Medical imaging technologies have come a long way since the discovery of the X-ray in 1895. Discover some of the many non-invasive ways doctors look into the human body.

"Five Windows on the Body" offers five panels with large-scale images depicting technology including the PET scan, MRI, 3-D ultrasound, CT scan, and X-ray. Find out how each imaging system works, what it's used for, and where the technology is going. Explore the beauty of these medical images in "The Art of Imaging," an art collection where an X-ray can reveal the inner beauty of a flower or a CT scan can inspire a series of paintings.

In the "Breast Imaging" area, explore the group of technologies that doctors use to diagnose lumps or abnormalities in the breast and hear firsthand from women who have gone through these procedures.

Finally, see these imaging techniques in action. Be a "Radiologist for a Day," and use real patient images to diagnose three different patients; "Fly Through the Body" to see 3-D movies of actual patient CT scans; or look at X-rays of everyday objects and familiar animals in "Guess the X-ray."

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