2theXtreme: MathAlive!



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2theXtreme: MathAlive! is a highly entertaining, interactive exhibit that lets visitors experience math in action. It brings to life all the different types of mathematics at work behind video games, sports, design, music, entertainment, space, robotics, and more. Innovative technologies create fun experiences that help you understand how math is used in countless ways.

Six themed sections with hands-on examples show the relevancy of math to real life: "Outdoor Action," "Build Your World," "Future Style," "Kickin’ It," "Game Plan," and "Robotics and Space."

Throughout the exhibit, you’ll be accompanied by the BotZ, three math-loving virtual guides. With quirky personalities and kid-friendly language, the BotZ make mathematical concepts more accessible to younger visitors.

The national exhibition is made possible by Raytheon.

Photo © MathAlive!