Mosquito Engineering

Hear from a scientist about current research, and participate before or after the lecture in a 45-minute forum-style workshop to discuss.

Health Fair | Bacteria and Viruses: Bad and Good?

Learn and have conversations about the latest research from scientists and healthcare professionals who specialize in this field.

In Deep Water: Climate Change and Sea Level Rise in Boston

Learn the science behind climate change and sea level rise, and discuss what we can do about it.

The Power of Numbers

Examine the mathematics behind the building of structures, and explore how numbers have shapes depending on the number of their prime factors.

Race and Ethnicity

Confront some common myths about race and ethnicity through discussion and small group activities that debunk previously held "facts"

How Do We Think? How Do We Learn?

Give students the opportunity to learn and ask questions about some novel research studies being done in our Living Laboratory ®

The Sweet Side of Chemistry – Candy

Learn the chemistry of sweet, sour, stretchy, and sticky, explore the science behind foams and gels, and learn how artificial sweeteners work.