Leadership and Goals

Vision Aligned with Values

We are proud to lead this distinguished committee and honorary cabinet and to serve as chairs of the $250 million Campaign for the Museum of Science, the institution's first comprehensive capital campaign. The $150 million in new gifts and commitments realized during the quiet phase of the Campaign is a testament to the power of our mission and vision of our master plan. Achieving the remaining goal of $100 million to support imaginative exhibits, innovative educational programs, and inspired improvements of our facilities will help to secure a bright future for the Museum of Science.

Richard M. Burnes Jr. General Partner Charles River Ventures, Inc. Museum Trustee Gwill E. York Managing Director Lighthouse Capital Partners Museum Trustee
  • Exhibits and Educational Programs
    • Quiet Phase: $108 million
    • Public Phase: $40.7 million
  • Facilities and Infrastructure Sustainability Initiatives
    • Quiet Phase: $9 million
    • Public Phase: $33.3 million
  • Endowment
    • Quiet Phase: $17 million
    • Public Phase: $15 million
  • Annual Fund
    • Quiet Phase: $11 million
    • Public Phase: $16 million
Note: A portion of all restricted commitments to The Campaign for the Museum of Science will be used in support of an enterprise fund for institutional advancement and Museum operations.

Campaign Leadership


  • Richard M. Burnes Jr.
  • Gwill E. York

Honorary Co-Chairs

  • Brit J. d'Arbeloff
  • Bernard M. Gordon

Executive Committee

  • Jeffrey R. Beir
  • Joshua Boger
  • Paul Egerman
  • Gretchen Fish
  • Joan Stephens Hadly
  • Pam Lassiter
  • Howard Messing
  • Ioannis N. Miaoulis
  • Eugene E. Record Jr.
  • William M. Steul
  • Michael G. Thonis
  • D. Reid Weedon Jr.

Honorary Cabinet


  • Jane C. Bradley
  • Malcolm L. Sherman
  • Laura Cutler
  • Julie E. Henry
  • Emily C. Hood
  • Wendy W. Kistler
  • Frederick H. Lovejoy Jr.
  • William A. Lowell
  • Laura Barker Morse
  • James R. Nichols
  • Rodger P. Nordblom
  • Kenneth J. Novack
  • John F. Reno
  • William Schawbel
  • Ralph Z. Sorenson
  • Ira Stepanian
  • Joan C. Suit
  • Elise Wallace
  • Neil W. Wallace

Campaign photos: Reena Bammi, Nicolaus Czarnecki, Michael Malyszko, Pat Piasecki, Bethany Versoy, TMP Images. Renderings: Cambridge Seven Associates, the Museum of Science.