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Two Worlds, One Science Park

The portals to the Blue and Green Wings will be remade and the content of the exhibits and spaces will be updated to relate the story of how scientists use the inquiry process to discover the natural world and how engineers use the design process to make the world we live in. New exhibits will be installed and many of our popular attractions will remain, but within a new interpretive system that tells one unified story of the natural and engineered worlds.

Paul Fontaine
Vice President, Education
Museum of Science

Strategic renovations of the Blue and Green Wings will reorganize the Museum of Science to emphasize the interdependency of the natural and human-made worlds and our role and responsibility in shaping the future of our planet and its systems.

Visitors will have two portals of entry to the Museum's Exhibit Halls: one introducing the local and global ecosystems that humans inhabit, and one introducing the concepts behind some of our most important technologies. Two new exhibits will help us tell that story:

Hall of Human Life

Exploring the human story through physical forces, living organisms, social interaction, time, and food, the Hall of Human Life combines current information from a dynamic roster of advisers (clinicians, researchers, policymakers) with live data from exhibit visitors for a dramatic interactive experience. This exhibit will help us understand how, through innovation and adaption, humans shape our environment, which in turn affects our health and, through evolution, our future.

What Is Technology?

Every facet of technology will be examined in this new signature exhibit, encompassing the entire human-made world. This state-of-the art exhibit will increase visitors' understanding that technology refers not only to the items we create but also to the materials and processes we use to manufacture and market new technologies. We will feature novel, dynamic content created in partnership with technology specialists, teachers, and inventors in the community as we consider the many answers to this provocative question: What Is Technology?

Greater Boston is the ideal home for the Hall of Human Life. No other place hosts such a combination of medical research, biology research, clinical medicine, and drug discovery in both industry and academic settings.

Leo Liu, MD
President and CEO
Cambria Biosciences
Museum Trustee

For me, science is narrative — stories of discovery and invention. The Museum of Science has been telling these essential stories for generations, and the work of this Campaign will spark new exploration of the natural and human-made worlds.

Howard Messing
President and CEO of MEDITECH
Chair, Board of Trustees