Planet Earth: Shallow Seas 4-D Experience



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In this epic adventure, hear the power of the ocean's waves as they crash along the shoreline, and feel the salty spray as you surf the coast with Atlantic bottlenose dolphins in search of food. Glide alongside a cast of balletic sea lions as they dive through vast swirling bait balls of anchovy, track a mother humpback whale and her calf as they navigate from their tropical nursery to the Arctic Circle, and experience a great gathering of seabirds and whales.

Sense the pressure, feel the perils, and smell the triumph as you celebrate Earth as never before. Featured in digital 3-D and brought to life with 4-D multisensory effects, this is an immersive experience for kids and kids-at-heart!

A BBC/Discovery Channel/NHK co-production, in association with the CBC.



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